True West British Columbia to California Oct 3 – 24, 2014

With the summer winding down and the temperatures dropping, we decided to move off the water and onto the land. The GMC Motorhome and the Smart were stored in Seattle for the summer, so Dan started with a flight to Seattle to bring the Smart back to Vancouver Island by ferry. As we did not get to the west coast of Vancouver Island by boat, we did it by car. Tofino is located in the Pacific Rim National Park, it is a great town in a beautiful area. From there we headed back across the island to catch the ferry at Nanaimo to take us to Horseshoe bay on the mainland.

We had been up Howe Sound in the boat, now it was along the road on our way to the Whistler ski area. From Whistler, we traveled south east to the Mt Baker National Forest back in the US. Next stop was in Seattle to pick up the motorhome, True West.

From Seattle, we headed to the coast and started working our way down to California. The state parks here are wonderful and the hikes in the woods all one could ask for.

Into California, it became time to do some gathering in wine country. Russian River, Napa, Somoma….too much of a good thing.

Last stop was Newark, CA outside San Francisco where we left the motorhome in the hands of a team that has been working on them for 40 years.

Click on photo to see the album of this trip.