About Us

Dan was born in West Springfield, MA just ahead of the Boomers.

Young DanProfessionally, Dan’s career has focused on commercial real estate development and investing. Over forty years, it has been diverse in product type (TV stations, mill complexes, high rise office, hotel, apartments, etc.), organizations (partnerships, Fidelity Investments, The Baupost Group), role (borrower, owner, owner’s rep, lender, and vulture) and geography (US, Europe and Asia). It’s had it’s rides up and crashes….what a wonderful life.

He is a lover of classic design and has been involved in the restroration and reuse of many properties, including half a dozen listed on the National Register. Additionally, Dan has been involved in preserving a Carousel, restoration and stewardship of the classic motor Canim, rebuilding a classic motorhome, restoring cars, homes, and art objects. His focus is on revitalization more than preservation in the belief that these works should be self sustaining and enjoyed by all.

In philanthropy, Dan believes in supporting people who are committed to their causes and invest their personal time and resources to that end. Dan is a voracious reader and loves discussion and debate, with no limits on the topics covered.


Marcia has the unique distinction of being the middle child in a family of 11….5 brothers and 5 sisters. Raised in the Maryland suburbs outside of Washington DC her parents instilled a love of learning, the outdoors and travel that define who she is today.


Lola is a Mexican- American rescue dog who now has traveled to 33 states, the Bahamas, a dozen European countries and Canada! She has a frequent flier number, rides on the bow of the tender and the sea kayak, arrives by plane in a backpack carrier and is equally comfortable in all types of land vehicles. As long as she is with Dan and Marcia she’s happy.