Grove Garden PH 7

After having lived in Coconut Grove for several year and considered many alternative home bases, we decided that this would be our home.

The Grove Garden Condo offered the right combination of size, location and amenities for us and when a penthouse unit became available, we decided to go ahead and build a ‘home’.

Marica and Dan have been travelers through life, not having accumulated a lot of stuff. This gave us the opportunity to plan our interior and exterior spaces together with their furnishings and art work with a fresh start.

Dan settled down to learn Sketchup, a 3 D computer aided design program, and did the design himself with Marcia’s constant input. Sal Nistal appeared as the general contractor and guardian angel in our spanish speaking world here. In three months a new roof deck was built and the unit interior refinished.

Over the last several years, we have commissioned furnishings from American artisians from more than twenty states. What a delight to work with each of these professionals selecting thier best designs and choices of woods and jointery.

A five star guest suite for our visitors was a must, we hope you will come and enjoy it with us.

Floor view