True West – a 23′ GMC motorhome, circa 1973


Who but an old timer would guess this GMC motorhome qualifies as an ‘Antique Vehicle’.

The GMC Motorhome was concieved in the late 60′ by GMC and Boeing and the ultimate land cruiser. The is the only motor coach design and built as an integrated drive train and coach body. About 10,000 units were built between 1973 and 1978. Here is an interesting movie about the production:

The story of the restoration of this coach was a feature article in Family Motorcoach Magazine.

The GMC Motorhome East Club did an web page for its members on the restoration.

With the restoration complete in 2009, the coach has traveled over 25,000 miles in 38 states and several Canadian provinces. The smart car was towed all of these miles and driven another 25,000 on side trips.

The vehicle in currently in storage in Massachusetts.