True East More British Columbia Cruising Sept 1 – 25, 2014

The Broughtons are very different from the San Juan and Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound. This is generally uninhabited First Nations country with a few logging camps and small marinas with minimal supplies.

The southeastern corner is a bit like Maine or the North Channel of Lake Huron (without lobster pots and people). The North side is a bit like Newfoundland with trees. Everywhere there are small coves and spots to tuck in. The boaters up here are generally experienced in the area having returned many times and often well known to each other, BYO cocktails on the dock at 5pm is standard.

Our first night was a Lagoon Bay where the boaters joined Jean, the owner for a “sit down” for cocktails and potluck. Not Marcia’s choice for a venue. The next day we had a wonderful cruise to Blackfish Sound and spent the night at Pierre’s Echo Bay. Paul, George, Bob and Warren from Port Angeles supplied the fresh salmon for dinner while we hosted the affair.

Moving northeast, we stopped at Jennis Bay where they were clearing many, many tons of old logging equipment from the forest. Sullivan Bay is a floating village with floats for street, dog parks, library, general store, restaurant and about 25 homes. The homes are major imports and include heliports on the roof! On to Kwatsi Bay and more 5 o’clock cocktails. At Port Harvey we met again with a number of cruisers we had seen along the way. At Blind Channel, we had a great hike to the 800 year old cedar tree.

The Dent Island Lodge is like finding one of the old Rock Resorts, very classy and very pricy. This area of the islands has many upscale fishing camps. By now we are heading back down out of the Broughtons following the smaller passages like the Hole in the Wall.

With the weather changing, we tuck into Taku Marina for a few days to ride out the winds. To our delight we again run into Keith on Arro and share a few meals. Moving back down to Nanaimo we pass thru Sechelt Rapids and cross over the Straights.

At Nanaimo, Kristi joins us for the next five days as we head down thru the Gulf Islands and back to Sidney. Wallace Island is our first stop. Great place with small anchorages, hiking trails and history of the couple who developed a resort here in the 1940’s. After lunch in Ganges we made the mistake of anchoring at Portland Island, the wakes from the passing ferries made for an uncomfortable night.

After a stop at Saturna Island, again great hikes, we returned to Vancouver Island with a stop at Victoria overnight. The next day we anchored up near Buchart Gardens where we got in an afternoon visit. Next morning it was back to Sidney to drop off Kristi so she could catch here flight. After Kristi departed, Dan made arrangements for winter storage for True East with Van Isle Marina and some winter boat work with Philbrooks.

Tony Prigmore arrived the next day for a long weekend of cruising in the Gulf Islands. Here we pretty much repeated our experience with Kristi, adding a stop at the winery on Saturna Island where we encountered wild goats butting heads. A great visit with time to discuss some potential plans for the Prigmore Family Foundation.

After Tony’s departure, it’s about time to wind things down for the season. Dan goes to Seattle to get the Smart car while Marcia starts to prepare the boat for winter. As the weather lifts, we head out for a few more cruising days in the Gulf Islands.

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