Truely Mobile Homes

Pictured are the Legacy, the Smart and the GMC all together for the only time. The Legacy was ready to be trucked to North Carolina after the summer of 2010 on the southern rivers, the GMC and Smart were ready to take us to New England.

Our mission is to see the country up close at a relaxed pace and to travel with all of the same comforts and luxuries we enjoy at home. For us this means an RV on land and two express cruiser style boats on the water.

Visiting the state, national parks and natural wonders of North America is best done when the crowds are sparse. This means the spring and fall of the year. During these seasons, we fly out to meet the RV where we last left it, drive the back roads for a month or so and leave it in storage at the end of the trip for the next season.

From 2008 to 2011, we traveled long distances in the Legacy along the American waterways. She is a boat that one can easily single hand and she is commercially truckable without a lot of fan fair. She now spends the year south based in Coconut Grove.

In 2012 we decided that we would spend our summers in northern waters and that we wanted a larger boat with two equal staterooms, thus the Sabre ‘True East’. After two years of summer cruising, we have decided her range will not be limited to the northeast.


The Team