True Home for the winter…..kind of

Returning from the West Coast, it was almost November by the time we got home. Dan immediately got into his tennis routine playing several times a week and following up on his lessons.

For Thanksgiving, we took Marcia’s mother, two of her brothers and a nephew over to Harbour Island where Dan rented the Dockhouse at South Bar. This will be our last trip there for awhile, Dan resigned his social membership a the Club. Great weather, good food and an all round wonderful way to spend Thanksgiving.

December found us back in New England and New Jersey for a visit to Boston friends and then Prigmore family Xmas in Rhode Island followed by a quick NYC visit and some time with Chris and Kristi in New Jersey.

In anticipation of our upcoming boating in Europe starting in a couple of years, we decided to attend the boat show in Dusseldorf Germany in January. After looking a few dozen boats by various makers, we concluded we really like the Sabre we currently own. At the show, we met Tom Janssens from Antwerp who represents Sabre in Europe. He made the case that we should sell our current boat in the Northwest and buy a European version of the Sabre and have it delivered to Antwerp. After a long consideration over the next month, including a visit by Tom to Miami, we decided to stay with our current boat. During this same trip, we followed the rivers and canals up to Amsterdam and then north up along the Markermeer Sea to get a feel for the waterways and facilities.

Marcia returned from Europe and headed for Colorado for some skiing with Tim, Kelly and Claire.

February found us back in New England for a Prigmore family meeting to discuss philanthropy and the establishment of the Prigmore Family Foundation. Three generations where involved in a very fruitful discussion, hopefully the first of many.

March was finally a month without travels and lots of visitors. We enjoyed lot’s of boating time including a few days down at John Pennikamp Marine Park in the Keys.

April found us sailing in Belize for a couple of weeks, and by the end of the month we were off to British Columbia for the summer.

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