Side trip to Okanogan Valley wine country August 2016

For the last three years we have been drinking the wines of the Okanogan Valley in British Columbia, that’s after we ran out of Columbia River Valley Wines we got in 2014 when True East arrived in the northwest.

While True East was layed up in Sidney, BC for repairs we decided to take a trip to the source of these fine wines.

From our base in Kelowna, BC we spent one day around the city and three days visiting about 20 of the hundred or so wineries in this area.

Most of these wineries are small family owned estate operation with all of the output going to the British Columbia market, mostly sold thru the tasting room. Production is typically 200 to 1,000 cases of a particular vintage. Needless to say we stocked up and plan to ship this wine back home with the boat in November.

Click on the photo to see the album of this trip