Sardinia Road Trip 23-27 Jul & Aug 5 2017

Having made the 200 mile passage from Menorca, we arrived in Algero in the north west corner of the island. Looking at the weather ahead, we decided to stay in port for a few days and take a road trip around the island. As you can see on the map we covered a lot of the coast and had several inland adventures over the course of four days. From Alegero, we made our way by boat around to Olbia, via Corsica. From there we again rented a car and explored the Smeralda “gold coast”.

Sardinia is about the size of Sicily and two thirds the size of Vancouver Island with a coast line of about 1,000 miles. As we were unsure if it was worth cruising all the way around the island, we decided to first explore by land.

We started down the west coast, first passing along the shore up on very steep cliffs in a national park. Dramatic scenery on a very rugged coast. About 50 kilometers south we came to Rosa, a beautiful town set on both sides of a winding river. Above the town was the magnificent Castilla Malspina. Headed inland aways, we stopped at Padria for lunch in a small cafe very much off the tourist trail.

On to Aborea, about 100 kilometers further south. This area is a low coastal plain where the swamps were drained and is now corn and dairy country. Our hotel was likely the only 3 star hotel within 50 km, set in a town built in 1928 by ‘Il Duce’.

Continuing south, we headed back into the mountains stopping at Iglesias for a coffee and walk around. The walk was after making a wrong turn down the main pedestrian walkway…oops. The main street was decorated with hundreds of colorful umbrellas hanging above. On to Sant Antioco for lunch, frankly a disappointing stop out on this peninsula. Along the southeaster corner we were back up in the mountains along the coast on our way  into Cagliari for the night. Cagilari is a major city with lots of transport connections, it was here we got our first feel for the immigration from Africa.

Leaving Cagliari and headed to the east coast we were again back up in the mountains.We stopped at Marina di Arbatax, one of the few ports on the east coast, for lunch and a walk about. We continued on up the coast to Olbia where Tim Kisielnicki and family would arrive in a few days. Staying at the Grand Palace was a relief after our hotel in Cagliari.

A week later, we returned to Olbia by boat passing the Emerald Coast in the northeast corner of the island. Never have we seen so many mega yachts, I mean like 300-500 footers with perhaps a hundred yachts over 150 feet. From Olbia, we again rented a car and took a day to drive along the Emerald coast and it’s opulence.

Sardinia is a large and very diverse island. As we passed from area to area, we found ourselves making comparisons to places we have traveled in the US….the coast of Maine, the dunes of Cape Cod, the forests of Vermont, the Blue Mountains, Coral Gables, Santa Fe, La Jolla, along with the corn field of Iowa and the desert southwest. One could easily spend a month exploring the place.

What we did not see was any sign of Americans….not people, or products or influence of any type except some music. We also saw few motorcycles, what a great place to cruise by bike.

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