Paris and London Nov 14-22


Marica wanted London for her birthday. As usual, it could not be quite that simple. Using up a bunch of miles, it turned out it was easier to get to Paris then it was to London given all the blackout dates, etc.

So Paris it is and then on to London. But not so quick, going over we decided to cross the English Channel by water and see the white cliffs of Dover, on the way back under the Channel with the Eurostar.

In Paris we enjoyed the Muse d’orsay and a day a Palace Versaille and a climb to the top of Notre Dame cathedral. On to Lille for an overnight, a train to Callis, a ferry to Dover, a train to London for a birthday dinner.

The Big Red Bus for a day with a long stop at the magnificent St Paul Cathedral, requiring another hike to the top. A day at Victoria and Albert Museum and then some time at Churchill’s War rooms and musuem. Long walk along Oxford Street and black and tan in the pubs.  Too short a trip.

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