Holidays 2011

Returning home has a real pleasure after the travels. In late October Peter and Diane Mahoney came down and we visited the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show together. Perhaps this was a mistake….only time will tell when we take delivery of the new 36,000 lbs baby.

This year we enjoyed Thanksgiving at home with a visit from Marica’s sister Jeanne Kisielnicki from Washington state.

The next week Capt Luke and Holly Hall visited for a few days of storytelling about the Canim days.

In mid December we went back up north to look in on the new baby underconstruction at Sabre Yachts in Casco, ME. A good visit with the Gero’s and then a dinner with the Plimpton’s. A tennis match with Mr. Spiro is always great.

On to New York to join Kristi and Chris for a couple of shows in NYC and then the Christmas holiday with Kristi in New Jersey.

Marcia and I had placed a bet earlier in the year on where the stock market would close, Dan said 15,000 and Marcia said 10,500….we decided to split the $1 bet.