Harbour Island…..start of an adventure Feb 26 – Mar 6, 2010


Dan and Kristi were scheduled to spend a week in a rented house on Harbour Island, Bahamas in March.

On February 13th during the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, Dan and Marcia met at the cocktail party of mutual friends.

After meeting Marcia, Dan decided to invite her to join us for a few days. The few days turned into a few more as we explored the island.

Fine restaurants, walks on the shore and along the paths, swimming and beach walking, breaking beds and golf carts….all in all great fun.

Dan is a social member of the South Bar Club and had applied for a Proprietary Membership with the idea of building a house at the Club. Site selected, even a model of the house built; however, during our stay we learned that Dan has been blackballed at the club.

Turns out this decision by the club likely saved us a lot of money and has lead to spending a great deal more time traveling. Dan is still a social member and enjoys the company of most of the members.

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