Bermuda Thanksgiving Nov 23 – 28, 2010


Thanksgiving was our first HOLIDAY together…the typical question is: “your family or mine?” Turns out there are no locked in programs for the holidays, so let’s see how it falls. Marcia’s birthday is on the 18th where we will be nowhere special….her earlier request was to be somewhere where she would need a passport. How about a few days in Bermuda over Thanksgiving….off we go with golf clubs in tow. Dan’s memories of Bermuda are mostly 35 years old, but it seams little of significance has really changed. Gracious, well educated people. Wonderful architecture and colors. Very special place. Golf at Port Royal, a tour of Pembroke Hall which Dan developed while at Fidelity in the 1970’s, a walk thru Hamilton, ferry ride to Dockyards, golf at Belmont Hills, bus ride to St. George….the island is only 22 miles long. A short but wonderful stay.

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