Turkish Roadtrip 2023

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To enter Turkey, one must get a Turkish visa available on line at https://www.evisa.gov.tr. In order to rent a car, an international drivers license is required (AAA). For cell service, Turkcell has a holiday package sim card available at the airport. The currency is the Turkish Lira; however, most prices are quoted in euro’s due to high inflation.

We will start in Istanbul and end at the boat in Fethiye. The proposed travel plan is show below and is interactive by clicking on the map above or to the side.

Hopefully, we will be early enough in the season to get bookings at Cappadiocia for guided tours, hot air balloon rides, etc. Guests could join us in Istanbul, Ankora, Cappadocia or Fethiye.

Once the boat arrives in Fethiye, we will have to clear customs and arrange for delivery and rigging of a new tender, most likely we will take the ferry to Rhodes and spend a few days there before returning to provision the boat.

Turkey Road Trip 2023

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