Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago 2022

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Arriving back Wasa Yachts, we found True East floating at the dock as scheduled. After a few hours of checking all systems we headed to the marina at Södertälje were we could easily provision and get the boat ready for our first, and perhaps only, guests of the season. Wes and Alexis arrived right on schedule; however, their luggage was still in Zurich. The luggage was promised to be delivered by noon the following day.

Noon arrived with no luggage, so we set out with new instructions to deliver the luggage to our first stop at Mariefred on Lake Maleren, home of the marvelous Grisholm Castle. Great visit there, still no luggage. Ok, we will head into Stockholm as scheduled and perhaps will be able to take a quick side trip to the airport for the luggage. This time we knew enough to make dockage reservations at the Glashuest in downtown Stockholm. Luggage was secured as Wes was smart enough to put Air tag’s in each piece and found them at the airport.

A day of sightseeing in Stockholm took us to the Wasa Museum and the Princ Eugens Museum together with a long walk along the park. This turned out to be National Day in Sweden with a Marathon, Auto and Boat Show, Military exhibits and the Nato Fleet for maneuvers led by an American Assault Carrier, the city was crazy.

We then headed out to Vaxholm with its Fortress. Sure glad we were docked before the season really got underway, it was the 5th of June. Dan and Marcia really wanted to sea trial a new boat built in Sweden, the Candela C8. This is an electric foiling boat. Alexander from Candela picked us up the dock in a C7 and after a 15 minute ride, we toured the factory and inspected the C8s under construction. No C8 available, will have to wait for Ft Lauderdale boat show.

Later that day we headed north up the Archipelago to the resort at Marholmen. We enjoyed a wonder dinner, hikes around the property and a round of miniature golf. One more stop on this trip was the inland of Grinda to the east, primarily a natural preserve. Again, we enjoyed off season dockage. The ‘high’ season here is July 1 – Aug 15….how in the world do you make a living or get a return on investment in 45 days?

Wes and Alexis had to leave us on the 9th to travel to Scotland and Dan had some concern over the engine batteries so we returned to Stockholm for another day of great food and sightseeing. Having slow cruised the Archipelago, we all got a taste for life in this area of thousands of island. We also got a chance to introduce Wes and Alexis to our cruising life and hope they will join us again for another adventure.

Stockholm Archipelago

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