2012 – Planes, boats and an RV


Pretty calm year for travels. No spring trip on the GMC instead we have a lot of boating between the Bahamas and the Great Lakes.

The Great Lakes trip started in Massachusetts on May 3 and ended in Alexandria Bay, NY on Sep 6th. We covered over 4,000 nautical miles including all of the Great Lakes and locking thru the three great canal systems of North America, the Erie, the Trent-Severn Waterway and the Rideau (a World Heritage site). Superb weather and a great new boat.

A month in the fall in the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming and Montana with a touch of Canada included.

Marcia then enjoyed a birthday in London with a little Paris added in.

Back home for the winter with a nice trip to New England, NY and NJ for the holidays visiting friends and relatives.