Juneau to Sitka 27 Jun – 10 Jul 2016

Returning from our excursions to the far north, we are met by friend Carla Penny in Juneau and headed south again for our last visit to our favorite waters.

First stop is Taku Harbor site of Mitchner’s setting for the salmon chapter in Alaska. On to Endicott Arm and it’s fabulous glacier, martini time again. It’s then along the south end of Admiralty Island where we are visited by the humpback whales once again.

After a quick stop at the top of Prince of Wales Island, we head up the east side of Chichagoff with stops at Red Bluff and Baranoff Warm springs. From there it is up Douglas Bay before crossing between the islands to get over to Sitka where we say goodby to Carla.

We are then joined by Dan’s nephew Tony with Julie, Leah and Chad for a short but terrific hot springs adventure. First, up the west coast of Chichagof to White Sulphur Hot Springs where Leah has her first ‘off line’ experience. We then head south down the coast to Goddard Hot Springs. After a nice visit to Sitka, we sadly bid adieu to the Prigmores.

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