Estonia 2022

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Leaving Helsinki it was a quick 35 mile run over to Tallin, the capital of Estonia, where we docked at their in city marina. Estonia is one of our favorite countries and Tallin a favorite city. The medival wall still surrounds the old city with its wonderful architecture. We could walk for days.

We took the train over to Narva on the Russian boarder to see it we could poke the bear in the nose. Here are fortresses on either bank of the Narva River with a single bridge across the border. One would never guess there was a war going in the region.

Next day, another train to Tartu in the center of the country. Here was the Museum of Estonia, one the very best museums we have ever visited, wonderful vignettes of people over time. Back on the boat, we headed to Dirhami on the eastern side of the country. While there was not much there, we were very pleasantly surprised by the marina facility. Next day it was on to Haapsula adjacent to the Estonian Baltic islands. The Bishops Castle restoration was a highlight of the city.

The Estonian Islands are very recreational oriented with great hikes, bike trails and beaches. As the island marinas are small and crowed, we decided to rent a car and explore the area. We worked our way down to Virtsu where the ferry crosses to the islands….except in the winter where they drive across the ice about 20 miles. We stumbled into lunch at the Padeste Yacht Club, smallest in the world and enjoyed a wonderful conversation with the manager. Then on to Kuressaare Castle in Arensburg , what an incredible amount of earth moving.

While we had hoped to get over to Parnu, the weather would not cooperative, so it was a straight run down to Riga.

Estonia 2022

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